On Shortages, Psychoses & Civility

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Earlier today, in a tragic turn of events, Democrat Virginia state Senator Creigh Deeds was, according to police, stabbed by his son, Gus, who then took his own life with a gun. I would never mock such a horrible situation. However, as the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports, the younger Deeds may have been suffering from mental health issues that contributed to his actions, issues that led to an emergency psychiatric hold being suggested for him:

Sen. Creigh Deeds was stabbed multiple times early today at his Bath County home and his son, Gus, is dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Gus Deeds had been released Monday following a mental health evaluation performed under an emergency custody order, an official said.

Dennis Cropper, executive director of the Rockbridge County Community Services Board, told the Richmond Times-Dispatch that the emergency custody order, or ECO, allowed Gus Deeds to be held as long as four hours to determine whether he should be held longer, up to 48 hours, under a temporary detention order.

The son was evaluated Monday at Bath Community Hospital, Cropper said, but was released because no psychiatric bed could be located across a wide area of western Virginia.

Naturally, a horrible situation, both for the Deeds family and all those who are in desperate need of psychiatric care in the state of Virginia. So, when “Third Vice Chair of the SC Democratic Party” Tyler Jones commented on the lack of beds leading to Deeds’ release:

Respondeth I:

Now…crass? Perhaps. Unnecessary? Sure. And I apologized quickly. But I posted this to make a very important point, that being that the medical rationing which will (not could, but WILL) result from ObamaCare’s implementation is going to result in more situations just like this one, as I pointed out…

“Shut up,” he explained.

First, I’ll further address my original point.

The PPACA is a massive government seizure of the health insurance industry. Mr. Jones made the argument to me that this wasn’t a takeover, but merely a mandate:

This argument might be defensible, were the government not imposing package standards on health insurance plans. “But Mr. Right Wing Nutjob Teabagger,” you say, “isn’t it so omg awesomesauce that women don’t pay more than men for health insurance anymore?” Sure, in the abstract. But women’s health insurance didn’t go down. Men’s went up. Because now men are required to have the same coverage as women. Which is kind of crazy, since – for example – I, as a male man with a penis, now get (read: have to buy) maternity and birth control coverage.

My dad had a kidney stone once. Only time I’ve ever seen him cry. I can’t even imagine what delivering a 7-pound baby is going to be like for me.

Tucked deep inside the PPACA legislation was a little something called the IPAB, the Independent Patient Advisory Board. Its job is to look at certain procedures and decide whether it’s worth a doctor’s time and effort to perform said procedures, especially for patients on Medicare and Medicaid (read: old people and poor people). And that board has the ability to tell a doctor they won’t pay or allow the insurer to pay for the procedure. In the military and emergency response, there’s a word for that: “triage”. It means only directing care to the people you think have the most chance of being saved. In the world of private, nonemergency medicine, it’s called “rationing”. Sarah Palin had a different phrase: “death panel”. But we’ll get to her in a moment.

Have you ever wondered why going to the emergency room is so much more expensive than a walk-in clinic? It’s because the ER has to take anyone who complains about anything. They don’t have to collect insurance information or any sort of payment before they render care. And people who can’t afford to pay, like the homeless, illegal immigrants, drug seekers, etc. can walk in, demand care, give fake billing information and the hospital will never see a penny. If someone’s already deeply in the credit hole, or has no permanent address, how with the hospital ever collect? That’s where we responsible suckers come in. We pay double what the care could reasonably cost because each visit, we’re covering someone else’s trip.

Here’s a real-world example. Last year, I made a trip to a walk-in clinic for treatment for a separated rib. The doctor gave me a visual and tactile examination, I got x-rays, and I got prescriptions for both the pain and the underlying respiratory problem. Including the prescriptions purchased from Walmart, I spent about $300.  The prior year, I accidentally aspirated a small piece of mylar that got laminated against the back of my trachea. I went to the ER. They took an x-ray (despite telling me in advance the x-ray won’t pick up mylar) and provided no treatment other than telling me to go home and drink lots of water and eat slices of bread to dislodge it. The total bill was nearly $650.

Because of the long list of pre-existing conditions that insurers now have to cover, people who were previously uninsured (and therefore had to self-treat or go to clinics) will now be seeking treatment from a professional EVERY TIME THEY FEEL SICK. Prepare to see ERs chock full of flu-like symptoms…coincidentally, during flu season. Your local hospital staff is going to be spread thin. That means longer wait times. With the changes in insurance billing, that means the doctors get less money for more work. And it means fewer people wanting to become rich, young, George Clooneyesque doctors. The insurance companies KNOW your policy is going to get used more. So the rates go up. Because now every company has to assume you’re a pregnant, diabetic leper.

“But Faggy McRepublicunt,” you say, “if there’s a wait at the hospital, I’ll just go to the pharmacy and self-treat!” Well that’s just dandy…if you’ve got a cut or sprain or respiratory illness. But what if, say, you’re hearing voices in your head?

You see, in the US there’s already a shortage of psychiatric care, both in the form of doctors and facilities. For physical injuries, there’s plenty of clinics you can go to if it’s not a true emergency. But if the psych ward fills up? Those poor folks get dumped back into their families. Or, worse, on the streets. And in the case of Gus Deeds, that’s exactly what happened. He couldn’t stay, so they let him go. And he killed himself and nearly took his own father with him. And when the PPACA is in effect, this is only going to get worse.

Now, let’s go back to Sarah Palin. You see, last week, MSNBC’s Martin Bashir said someone should shit in her mouth.

No, seriously. He totally did. He LITERALLY said that. He even apologized for it on TV and everything, though it’s likely only because fellow MSNBC host Alec Baldwin got himself suspended for calling someone a “cocksucking fag” earlier that week.

And this is where I start to lecture. We constantly heard about “civility”, the “new tone” (it’s double plus good!) during the electoral season. But people like Bashir, Baldwin, Piers Morgan, Ed Schultz, Toure…they only care about civility when THEY are the targets.

This is a warning, liberals. This is a warning to you about the way you talk to people. We’ve been polite. We’ve tried to maintain the high road. But our patience is getting thin.

Last week, Martin Bashir, unabashed Eurotrash liberal jackass, said – live, on air, without anyone thinking to hit the fucking delay button – that someone should defecate into the mouth of a former US governor, vice-presidential candidate and mother of five.

You don’t EVER get to tell us to “shut up” again.


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