Rebranding: The Last Refuge of Scoundrels

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In a speech to the Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council on Tuesday, President Obama blamed Republicans for the failure of the PPACA…you know, the sweeping legislation the GOP was not even allowed into the conference room on, or even to read before its passage. Passage that, it bears noting, was facilitated by a complex and clandestine (though, sadly, totally legal) procedural shell game that allowed the Senate Democrats to pass the bill as a budgetary measure without actually passing an actual budget.

“What was already going to be hard was operating within a very difficult political environment and we should have anticipated that that would create a rockier rollout than if Democrats and Republicans were both invested in success,” Obama said.

“One of the problems we’ve had is one side of Capitol Hill is invested in failure and that makes, I think, the kind of iterative process of fixing glitches as they come up and fine-tuning the law more challenging,” he added.

That’s right, folks…the President actually had the balls to say that simply not wishing hard enough and believing in fairies caused the web site to fail.

But that isn’t even remotely the stupidest thing he said in his remarks, nosiree…

Once the problems with the website are resolved, the president said “we’re going to have to, obviously, remarket and rebrand, and that will be challenging in this political environment.”

Yes, people. The problem with Obamacare isn’t that it’s another uber-expensive, unprecedented takeover of an entire sector of our economy for the purposes of social engineering. It isn’t that the system is being run by the same morons who paid as much for a coffeemaker as I could for a decent used car. It isn’t that their meddling has caused both premiums and deductibles to skyrocket because the insurance companies now have no choice but to assume that all their customers are falling apart on the molecular level. No, no, it’s the BRANDING that’s the problem. Read the rest of this entry »


On Shortages, Psychoses & Civility

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Earlier today, in a tragic turn of events, Democrat Virginia state Senator Creigh Deeds was, according to police, stabbed by his son, Gus, who then took his own life with a gun. I would never mock such a horrible situation. However, as the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports, the younger Deeds may have been suffering from mental health issues that contributed to his actions, issues that led to an emergency psychiatric hold being suggested for him:

Sen. Creigh Deeds was stabbed multiple times early today at his Bath County home and his son, Gus, is dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Gus Deeds had been released Monday following a mental health evaluation performed under an emergency custody order, an official said.

Dennis Cropper, executive director of the Rockbridge County Community Services Board, told the Richmond Times-Dispatch that the emergency custody order, or ECO, allowed Gus Deeds to be held as long as four hours to determine whether he should be held longer, up to 48 hours, under a temporary detention order.

The son was evaluated Monday at Bath Community Hospital, Cropper said, but was released because no psychiatric bed could be located across a wide area of western Virginia.

Naturally, a horrible situation, both for the Deeds family and all those who are in desperate need of psychiatric care in the state of Virginia. So, when “Third Vice Chair of the SC Democratic Party” Tyler Jones commented on the lack of beds leading to Deeds’ release:

Respondeth I:

Now…crass? Perhaps. Unnecessary? Sure. And I apologized quickly. But I posted this to make a very important point, that being that the medical rationing which will (not could, but WILL) result from ObamaCare’s implementation is going to result in more situations just like this one, as I pointed out…

“Shut up,” he explained.

First, I’ll further address my original point. Read the rest of this entry »